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Combining modern medicine and your body's own healing potential to rid off chronic illnesses and diseases

The human body is complex, perhaps the most complex machine on earth.

However, there is basic scientific evidence that stays true no matter what. Low immune response will lead to critical illnesses, low metabolism leads to cardiovascular diseases. There is a definite cause and effect to our body's health. 


By knowing root cause of a person, treatment can be tailored to focus on patient’s weakest point thus giving patients the building blocks to heal themselves, eliminating disease from happening or recurring in the future.

RELTEC realizes the power of treating root causes of a patient, providing a different philosophy on healing the body from illnesses. Knowing the patient's body has the ability to heal itself, RELTEC has found ways to trigger patient's own healing capability by giving individual cells a superior environment that could increases healing and the overall health of the body. This is done using RELTEC's patented reducing electron treatment.

At RELTEC, we have found the best diagnostic tools to help patient identify root causes.  The way to heal is to increase a persons immune system and cellular metabolism while reducing inflammation. 

With countless patients under our treatment program, we to provide a helping hand and say, there is hope.

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Doctor Noboru Horiguchi

Born in 1936, at Hokkaido Japan. After graduating from Akamon Academy of Judo Therapy, he obtained the license as a licensed masseur. After  which, he studied physiotherapy at the Department of Physical Therapy, Tohoku University Hospital and acquired his license in exercise therapy skills training.

In addition, he completed a course at the University of the East for Bachelor's Science in Medicine Degree, and received Ph.D. after having studied at the university.

Ph.D. Horiguchi continuously researched on Negative Ion Medicine (Electron-reducing medicine) for over 35 years and has published numerous clinical data. He has also been conducting lectures and conference presentations as the 'Leading Expert in Negative Ions'. In addition, while researching on the mechanism and effects of reduction ions on the human body, Ph.D. Horiguchi also developed the electrical potential treatment devices for medical use which contributed to the health maintenance of many people.


Doctor Hiroshi Horiguchi

He has developed 'Reducing Electron Treatment' as method to 'Treating the Root' and widely used in medical practices such as cancer and connective-tissue disease . In addition, clinical trials using Reducing Electron  Treatment are conducted in China among AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) patients and among chronic hepatitis C patients in the United States FDA, which showed notable achievements.



Academic Papers

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Academic Society

  • Kawasaki Medical Society

  • The Vitamin Society of Japan

  • The Japanese Society of Internal Medicine

  • Society of Atmospheric Electricity of Japan

  • Japanese Cancer Association

  • Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine

  • Japan Society of Clinical Oncology

  • Society for Free Radical Research Japan

  • Japanese Society for Integrative Medicine

  • Japan Society of Fertilization and Implantation

  • Japan Society for Biological Therapy

  • Japanese Society of Preventive Medicine

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