Anion International Sdn. Bhd.

Sole Distributor for Negative Ions Treatment Device in Malaysia, Indonesia & Brunei


Our company was established in year 2001. Its conception was to become   the appointed Malaysian Distributor of Dr. Horiguchi’s products, negative ions therapy device. Dr. Horiguchi firmly believes healthy body starts from healthy cells.

Anion International Sdn Bhd (AISB) saw the transition of the transition of its product brand name from SERUMI to RELTEC in year 2012. Both brands are actually the brainchild and extraordinary inventions by DR. Horiguchi from Japan. Dr. Horiguchi is the founder of RELTEC Medical Devices Corporation (previously SERUMI Medical Instruments Co. Ltd.)

AISB is a Malaysian incorporated company, currently registered with the Ministry of Health, as a company capable of dealing with medical device.

AISB understands the true meaning of complete healthcare. The partnership with RELTEC Japan clearly illustrates our pioneering status in the future trend of healthcare business.

AISB works very closely and directly with RELTEC Japan for all matters relating to products we represent in Malaysia. We are synergistic partner in every aspect of our business dealing, from medical and technical advice, and up to date information of our respective customers.

AISB only carries two of DR. Horiguchi’s inventions, ie. E1 & ET.


Ms. Deepa Thilliampalam

Armed with a Bachelor Degree in Bio-medicine from the University of Science Management (MSU), Ms. Deepa joined AISB as a pioneer Health Scan Consultant in 2012.

Prior to her career in AISB, Ms. Deepa had her practical training during her Diploma and Degree course work as Lab Blood Analyst in HTAR, Klang Hospital,

Later in AISB, Ms. Deepa had the privilege of being personally trained under the close supervision of Dr. Noboru Hiroshi, inventor of Reltec products in Japan. Such training spanned over the years in 2013, 14 and 16.

Equipped with firsthand knowledge and know how about the products and the unique therapy effects of Reltec products, Ms. Deepa took the challenge and responsibility in setting up a professional Negative ion therapy facility in AISB, complete with Health Scan Consultancy facility.

Ms. Deepa is currently pursuing Msc in Nutrition at UPM, University Putra Malaysia.

Mr. Muhamad Fakhruddin

Graduated with a Diploma in Electrical Engineering, major in Robotics & Automation from Mara Japan Industrial Institute, Selangor.

Upon joining AISB in 2015, Dean received direct and personalized technical training about Reltec products from a specialist sent by Reltec Japan in Malaysia. Thus, he was imparted with the vital and crucial technical knowhow regarding all aspects of quality control, technical training, repair, service and troubleshooting issues.

AISB is also equipped with all imported vital diagnostic tools from Japan in order to provide up to standard insulation and withstanding tests on all Reltec products.


Calm and peaceful ambience dominate all our four therapy rooms at our premises. Soothing and rejuvenating music is being played all day long

You will definitely feel most pampered after trying out our negative ions therapy sessions.


This is where all the incoming medical potential device were to be safely inspected in accordance to Malaysia Ministry of Health guidance before handing out to the clients.

All the the inspection tools used are medical grade with the highest sensitivity to comply with the Malaysia Goods Distribution Practice for Medical Device (GDPMD) certification paired with the expertise of the Electronic Engineer in handling and verifying before handing out the goods to the end user.