Dr. Hiroshi Horiguchi

Director of Kenshoukai Horiguchi Hospital Medical Corporation


Graduated from faculty of engineering and medicine. He has reflected his knowledge of both fields in product development / improvement. He leads clinical tests as well. Dr. Horiguchi studied the physiological effect of atmospheric negative ion in detail over the years. He is currently active at home and abroad using his uniquely developed intracellular analysis and reducing-electron treatment, aiming for 'radical cure' of diseases, otherwise known as Basal Medicine.

Characteristics of Study : Advocating 'Basal Medicine'

Medical care can be largely divided into two areas. One is the treating of 'Symptoms of Disease', the other is treating 'The Base of Disease'. The latter is known as “Basal Medicine", which is being advocated domestically and internationally. As the method of examination for “Basal Medicine", Dr. Hiroshi Horiguchi has devised and practices inimitably the 'Diagnosis of Self-Defence Power'. This comprises the Examination of Inflammation related to onset and severity of the diseases, uniquely devised Examination of Immune Balance and the Examination of Cell Metabolism using proprietary technology. On the other hand, he has developed 'Electron-Reducing Treatment' as “Basal Medicine" and widely used it in medical practices such as cancer and Collagen Diseases. In addition, clinical trials using Electron-Reducing Treatment are conducted in China among AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) patients and among chronic hepatitis C patients in the United States FDA, which showed notable achievements. Dr.Hiroshi Horiguchi is the leader in electron-reducing treatment (electron complement treatment), and he continues contributing to the restoration of health of many patients having refractory diseases without effective treatments such as cancer, diabetes complication, cerebrovascular disease, collagen disease etc.

Published Book

  • Treatment that removes the roots of diseases (2014)

Academic Societies

  • Kawasaki Medical Society
  • The Japanese Society of Internal Medicine
  • Japanese Cancer Association
  • Japan Society of Clinical Oncology
  • Japanese Society for Integrative Medicine
  • Japan Society for Biological Therapy
  • The Vitamin Society of Japan
  • Society of Atmospheric Electricity of Japan
  • Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine
  • Society for Free Radical Research Japan
  • Japan Society of Fertilization and Implantation
  • Japanese Society of Preventive Medicine

Academic Papers

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